Dry Lining vs Plaster – which is best?

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So, you’re looking for a nice, smooth, and flawless surface of interior walls and are confused about how to decorate them without breaking the bank. Well, as a homeowner you need to decide plenty of things while renovating your house and the same is the case with the type of relining for your walls.

Having a lot of options and choices for materials to coat your interior walls with, it is quite overwhelming to choose the best one. At this stage, you’re already weighing up your options and are pretty sure about your desired type of feel.   

Some people prefer dry lining for being faster and easier to install while others prefer plastering for a solid pro feel of the walls. But at the end of the day, things are even more complicated when we go deep.

Frankly speaking, both traditional plastering and dry lining have their pros and cons. Yes, it’s all about your personal preference but as a professional plasterer in West Yorkshire, we want you to make a well-informed decision.

So, let’s try to figure out which one is the clear winner of the age-old battle – the dry lining or plaster by looking at pros and cons of both dry lining and plastering one by one:

Plastering – Give your walls a uniquely smooth finish

Wet plaster has been a top pick of the homeowners for centuries. They not only love its smooth and terrific adorable look but also its incredible durability which is of no match. So, it’s not just that plaster is an ancient material but it still offers a plethora of benefits in modern application.

Plastering, when mixed and applied incorrect manner can create a strong and durable finish which is not possible with dry lining. The universal hydration reaction that occurs when water evaporates out of the plaster mixture develops a strong bond in the mixture.

With plastering as your wall finish, you never have to worry about the knocks and dents as it is pretty resistive against such wearing forces. Another big pro of plastering is the adaptive nature that allows you to apply it easily in tight areas and around openings. It can be sealed easily to cover up blemishes which are difficult with the drywall as it has limited design options.  

Yes, plastering is a bit messy and a challenging job for which you have to hire a reputable plasterer. Anyhow, for plaster you just have to add water to the powder and only a small amount of dust is released but with dry lining enormous amount of dust is produced while cutting and sanding the boards.   

Dry lining – no curing period

While plastering was everywhere as a wall finishing, things got changed quickly in the middle of the last century; when the pressed gypsum boards, known as drywall, became widely available.

A big reason for its popularity is easy installation. So, if you’re looking for a good interior finish to wall, but just don’t have enough time to wait for the plaster to dry and hire plenty of plasterers, dry lining is the way to go.

There’s no doubt that dry lining is a more flexible approach for wall finishing than wet plaster. In dry lining, you just have to measure up your house’s wall and order premade plasterboard that is cut to suit your size. These boards are secured to your wall while joints are filled and screw holes are covered with jointing compound for a smooth uniform finish.

So, with dry lining, you never have to tackle the mess of wet plaster and if the joints are properly tapped, the dry lining can take your wall finishing to the next level.

However, if your room or wall has unusual shapes and corners, then dry lining will take longer as cutting boards in unique shapes will take time. But this is not the case with plaster as it can easily be secured around unusual shapes.

In the nutshell

Now that you’re clear about dry lining and plaster, it’s the time to call on experts to undertake your next wall finishing project. We, at SDL Plastering, are a team of reputable plastering, skimming, and dry lining specialists in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. We’ve been in this field for decades and have hands-on experience of plastering and rendering for residential, commercial, private, and industrial buildings. We always guarantee the highest quality standards and we never compromise on quality. Our solid reputation and competitive rates are best in the town.

So, give us a call and we’ll further elaborate whether dry lining is a feasible option or your house’s walls need a bit of plastering retreat.

Need a quote?

If based in Yorkshire & surrounding area’s call 07879 006237 – email info@sdlplastering.co.uk or fill out the contact form below to receive your free no-obligation quote for all our plastering services.

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